Our Philosophy

Create a healthy dental foundation so that you can smile for generations.

We, as humans, place value on a variety of objects, both in the physical (home, car, family) and immaterial (health, love, comfort).  Regardless of the object, anything that has value will eventually require maintenance.  Our homes will need upkeep, landscaping or a roof replaced.  Our cars will need inspections, alignments, tune-ups and tires eventually.  Our relationships need attention, time and safeguarding.  Our teeth, and our oral health in general, need maintenance also.

There are several important ways to maintain a healthy mouth.  We explain the following ideas to patients on a daily basis and though each patient's needs are different, these basics are undeniable: Good care at home on a daily basis.  Adequate brushing, flossing and rinsing.  Prevention of problems.  Routine examination and periodic images (x-rays) to diagnose problems.  Conservative treatment that addresses the issues that arise.

Through research, we are learning more each day of the links between the health of your mouth (teeth, gums, bone) and systemic or overall health.  We work with patients on a daily basis and will continue to promote overall dental health.  Please visit the Treatment Options tab for further information on the type of procedures that we offer.

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